Listening and Empathy

It has been said that when two people are arguing, very often, what each person wants most, is for the other person to simply understand their point of view.  The desire to be understood is a very basic need for human beings.

In claims, we tend to focus a great deal on the facts of a situation, but not so much on relating to where the customer is coming from.  This is important because it affects the perception of the customer service we are providing.

In this session, attendees will learn the importance of providing empathy to customers as it relates to Customer Service, Negotiations and even Time Management.  Effective listening techniques will also be discussed and practiced.


  • Listening exercises
  • Important factors to listening
  • Making the job easier through empathy
  • Dealing with the snide comment
  • Making the empathic connection
  • Principles of active listening
  • The listening strategy