Vehicle Investigation and Recovery Program

The newest way to maximize recoveries in vehicle fire losses

There are typically large opportunities in vehicle fire losses that are missed. A common example of this is when an expert was not requested or was requested too late in the process to get the information needed. In this session, you will learn about the Vehicle Investigation and Recovery Program (VIRP) that would help maximize recoveries in vehicle fire losses. See how see how VIRP will provide an in-depth interview on all vehicle fires as a cost effective way of determining the need for an O&C investigation. You will learn how by implementing this program on all vehicle fires, you will confirm the initial suspicion of subrogation prior to performing an O&C. Come see how the VIRP provides a best-in-class process for all vehicular fire investigations and potentially reduces the overall cost of O&C investigations by grouping fire vehicles together to perform multiple investigations at once. We will also discuss finding, vetting and hiring the right mobile property or auto fire investigator.